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Run the States Challenge

Take the Challenge, and See How Far You Ran This Year!

Run the States Standings

Checking Race Time

The Carpet Capital Running Club would like to be a part of the excitement and to encourage you along the way to reach your goals in running. Whether or not you ever step foot on a race course or prefer to run trails over the road, here is a challenge for you.  

During the year, log the miles that you have run and submit them monthly or at your convenience on the website at the button above.  Periodically throughout the year, we will tally the results, and you may collect a wristband, recognizing the mileage you have accomplished.   The total mileage for the year runs from January 1st to December 31st and must be submitted no later than the first week of January of the following year. (This is so we can get the nifty awards created in time to hand out at our end of the year banquet held every January). 

Determine your destination, and start running ... remember to count your miles!

Log them at the link above.


Run the States

So lace up those shoes and run those miles!  Run often.  Run long.  But never outrun your joy of running.

 -Julie Isphording

Count Your Miles!

Run to Disney World (500 Miles) ~ For the kids or kids at heart ... we calculated that it is about 500 miles from Dalton, GA to Walt Disney World, Florida. So, you can run an average of just over 10 miles per/week throughout the year, and you can attain this goal. Note: You don’t actually have to run to Disney World. These miles can be logged anywhere.

Run to New York City (800 Miles) You guessed it! Running from Dalton, GA to NYC is right at 800 miles and a great goal to accomplish for the year! This averages just over 15 miles per/week.

Run to Boston (1000 Miles) Dalton, GA to Boston, MA rounds out to 1000 miles and a lofty goal for the year as that averages just under 20 miles of running per/week.

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